Strategic Thinking for Practical Results.




Fernwood Consulting is committed to helping businesses and organizations accomplish their work with greater focus and impact.  With over 25 years in organizational management, I know how challenging the work of a business or social entrepreneur is.  I also know when you seek an “outside consultant,” you want someone who will make your life easier, not harder.

My firm's name—Fernwood—embodies my approach. The fern is highly adaptive and responsive to its environment.  It symbolizes transformation, renewal, and hope for the future.  Alternatively, wood is firmly-rooted and directed in its growth. It symbolizes strength, purpose, and determination.

I will bring these qualities of fern and wood to your work.  I will help you to be nimble and responsive to the environment in which you work, while holding firm to your core values and vision.

I bring a keen mind for strategic thinking with a passion for practical results. Contact me today to see if I am the right match for your needs.

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